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HB 199/ SB 170

The proposed amendment will close serious loopholes that currently exist in  s. 775.15, F.S. 

Learn more how you can help make the children of Florida safe from perpetrators of sexual abuse and assault.


Most perpetrators who sexually abuse children do not stop with just one victim.  Often the victims are young and do not report the abuse until much later.  That was the case with several women here in Orlando who were abused by a former teacher.  While Donna was only one of the women, she represents many more throughout the state who have been silenced by statute of limitations,

What you can do

It is important that this bi-partisan effort gain wide spread support in Florida.  There are several things you can do:

  • Contact your local legislators
  • Post updates on social media
  • Write to your local paper about the importance of Donna's Law
  • Set up an account and track the bills 

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Orlando Sentinel

Orlando woman's worst nightmare inspires fight to end statute of limitations for child sexual abuse.

Orlando Sentinel


Bill would end time limit to report sexual battery on minors

Senate Co-Sponsors

Senator Linda Stewart


Senator Keith Perry


House Co-Sponsors

Representative Tracie Davis


Representative Scott Plakon


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